Official 2016 Wagor Teen Diplomatic Envoys 2016外交小尖兵

On Monday, September 19th, four official members of Wagor Teen Diplomatic Envoys were chosen out of the six training candidates after two rounds of intensive drama competition. They will soon undergo a series of comprehensive training from the foreign teachers and represent Wagor Academy to attend this year’s Teen Diplomatic Envoys held at Shin-Ming High School on October 22nd and 23rd. Let’s congratulate the official Wagor Teen Diplomatic Envoys of this year:

普一甲班 陳玥彤 Stella Chen

普一甲班 鄭麒維 Martina Cheng

普一丙班 張淇淳 Charlie Chang

普一丙班 郭竫 Vickey Kuo

Take our blessing and win with pride on the battlefield!

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