Foreign Teachers 外師

Ian Fletcher

Oxford University, UK.

English Language & Literature (M.A)

Tony Pace

Concordia University, Canada.

Economics (B.Comm.)

Jess Tasker

University of Cap Town, South Africa

English (B.A)

Eva Lin

Ner Jersey City University, U.S.A.

Reading Specialist Literacy (M.A)

Leo Yang

Indian University, U.S.A.

Economics (B.Comm.)

Willie Yeh

University of Guelph, Canada.

Management of Economics & Finance

David Vaughan

Wilfrid Laurier University

Honors Economics (B.A.)

William Chao

University of Philadelphia


Andrew Brown

Griggs University

Master in Pastoral Ministry

Andrew Fathy

The University of Sussex


Lee Orazine

Murray State University

History/ Religious Studies

Vanessa Chen

York University, Canada

Linguistics (B.A.)


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