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Wagor Elites
is an English leadership program offered at Wagor International School. Our mission is to train students to grasp the future in their own hands as global citizens. We are the wolves, we train our skills together through global events & activities and we improve our language skills together by conquering English competitions. Join Wagor Elites and become a 21st century talent!

宗旨在於培育具國際動能的世界公民,透過參予籌畫學校各項外語相關活動暨賽事(例: 模擬聯合國(DYNAMUN), 葳格菁英學生會(WESC), 西洋節慶(萬聖節、感恩節、聖誕節等), 英語歌唱暨戲劇比賽, 愛心咖啡廳(Coffee House), 拍攝外語宣傳短片…等)精進領導及語言能力。加入葳格菁英,成為二十一世紀國際領袖!

Way of the Wolves – 葳格菁英精神指標
1. A strong mind guides a powerful wolf. (Knowledge – 學習知識的能力)
2. A united pack conquers all challenges. (Teamwork – 團隊合作的能力)
3. A wolf’s ears are far stronger than its teeth. (Communication – 用心傾聽的能力)
4. A wolf who dares to look itself in the eye is the most courageous of the pack. (Self Reflection – 自我省思的能力)

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